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About Sri Mallanna Charitable Trust

  • Sri Mallanna Charitable Trust founded by a group of religious, spiritual and enlightened individuals.
  • The group is involved in the service of pilgrims of ‘Srisailam’ since many years.
  • Activities include providing free food for pilgrims regardless of caste or creed and imparting spiritual education through their ‘Spiritual Training Centre’
  • Founded it to further its vision of inspiring the society to appreciate and inculcate the values of Yajna, Daana and Seva
  • And make society an important contributor to realize its divine endavours of
    1. Constructing a modern 5,000 capacity ‘Pilgrim Accommodation Facility’ in “Srisaila-Maha Punya Kshetram’, Kurnool for providing shelter to the pilgrims regardless of caste or creed. This facility will also house special rooms included with modern comforts.

      This endeavor is undertaken so as to accommodate the ever-growing pilgrim rush to the temple town with each passing year. Also, to complement the limited non-commercial facilities available for pilgrims.
    2. Constructing an expansive ‘Yaagashala’ in accordance to Agamashastra making it suitable for pilgrims to perform any kind of Yajna.
    3. Performing ‘Nityannadana’ ie., to make free food available for pilgrims regardless of caste or creed round the year
    4. Constructing a world class “Spiritual Research Centre” on the lines of historic “Nalanda” and “Taxila” universities. This center provides access to thousands of books and scriptures on Vedas, Shastras, and Puranas etc. to facilitate spiritual research. In addition, food and accommodation is provided to encourage such enthusiasm for ‘Sanatana Dharma’.
  • Thereby actively playing a part in strengthening the pillars of ‘Sanatana Dharma’.


  • These aforementioned endeavors were conceived with two established beliefs of our culture that are envisaged to bestow the donors with immeasurable ‘Punya’ (Divine Blessings/Virtues)
    1. ) ‘Daana’ (Charity) & Yagna, though significantly , the ‘Punya’ derived from it gets enhanced manifold by the virtue of the place and time, i.e., where and when it is being performed.
      Ex: ‘Swarna Daana’ in Kurukshtra on ‘Akshaya Tritiya’ is believed to cleanse one of all his sins
    2. Service to a god’s devotee is tantamount to serving the lord when you serve . This is also in line with the saying ‘Manava Seva Madhava Seva
  • And ‘Srisailam’ being one of holiest places with both Swambhulingham & Shakthipeetam at one place as residing deities, any contribution to our effort would be blessed back with immense Iha & Para Saukhyams (Materialistic prosperity and spiritual progress) for generations to come.

Trust Members

  • Founder Trustee: Sri Chaganti Hanumantha Rao
  • Vedic Promoters:
    Mandava Amarnath
    Gottimukkala Ram Prasad
    BLV Nageswara Rao
    GVV Ramesh Babu

Our Mission

“Sri Mallanna Charitable Trust” and its members, with clearly defined goals, objectives and vision for the future have committed themselves to the cause of 'Santatana Dharma'. Our efforts in this direction include:
  • Constructing an expansive 'Pilgrim Accommodation Centre' in Srisailam; providing accommodation for the needy regardless of caste or creed remains the central aspect of our endeavour.
  • Build a Yaagashala in accordance with Agama Shastra to facilitate any kind of Yajna as it is considered being one of the important pillars of Sanatana Dharma.
  • To perform Manushya-yajna /Annadaana -feeding fellow humans, round the year regardless of caste or creed.

Sanatana Dharma

The virtue, spirit and identity of our great nation are inextricably linked to the ageless ideals of 'Sanatana Dharma' - Ideals which guide, detail and celebrate life and beyond in a most comprehensive manner - Ideals that are all encompassing that lend direction for one to realize the self and the supreme - Ideals that help achieving peace, progress, harmony and prosperity for humankind at large.