Vedic Library with Spiritual Research Center
Spreading the light of Sanatana Dharma
Sri Mallanna Charitable Trust
Vedic Library with Spiritual Research Center

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A Beacon of Knowledge

- Spiritual Research Centre with Vedic Library
A unique initiative envisaged by “Sri Mallanna Charitable Trust” to spread the light of ancient Hindu Wisdom. Conceived to be a home to exhaustive collection of Vedic scriptures, Puranas, Shastras, Upanishads, Ayurveda, Commentaries and Religious texts etc., sourced from all over the world this ‘Spiritual Research Center with Vedic Library’ is envisaged to be an ideal destination for Spiritual/Dharmic researchers.

Modeled on the lines of renowned Taxila and Nalanda Universities of the past, Hindu Spiritual enthusiasts from within and beyond the borders of our nation can pursue their quest for understanding 'Hindu/Sanatana Dharma'.

Equipped with world class facilities ‘Spiritual Research Center with Vedic Library’ will be an open for all facility (regardless of caste, creed or country) that operates round the year. The highlight of the whole endeavors is that ‘Spiritual Research Center with Vedic Library’ provides Accommodation, Food and 24 hour access for the enthusiastic Dharmic Explorers.

Through Spiritual Research Center the trust aims to:

  • To set up a fully equipped Vedic Library, Knowledge Center & Research Center, dedicated to explore the hidden scientific dimensions associated with the Vedas and utilize any significant discoveries to invent new technologies for the progress of our country and humankind.
  • Procure / Acquire, old and rare Vedic texts / Artifacts from all over the world and digitise, them for the enlightment of future generations.
  • Preserve and propagate the ideals of Hinduism by catering to one of the important pillars of 'Sanatana Dharma' i.e, “Gnana” - Like a tiny lamp that can illumine a dark room, an enlightened person has the potential to illumine his immediate society.
  • Facilitate translation of Vedic Literature into popular Indian languages and English by renowned scholars and publish them for the larger interest of our society.
  • Publish and circulate books and audio CDs on Vedas and allied Vedic Literature.
  • Make “Spiritual Research Centre” a well-spring of Vedic Knowledge renowned across the world.
  • To encourage research in developing all aspects of Vedic and ancient indian traditions.